Infrastructure Intelligence

Mike Flatters

Mike Flatters

Principal Transportation Engineer

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Dave Annan

Dave Annan

Geographic Information Systems Specialist

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Information Engineering MWH

Providing Insights from Data

For almost 200 years, MWH has managed and provided infrastructure project and asset data to our clients. The MWH Infrastructure Intelligence Unit specialises in the collection, management and conversion of data into information and combines this with the knowledge of our subject matter experts. This allows us to work with our clients to deliver insights and cultivate the wisdom required to make more effective, more informed, evidence-based decisions.

Outcomes include:

  • More targeted investment strategies
  • Exploration of ‘big picture’ strategic problems by combining and analysing data from multiple sources
  • Improved efficiency (faster delivery at reduced cost) through improved data practices, procedures and business solutions

Through the application of Infrastructure Intelligence we can:

  • Communicate complex solutions through stories not equations
  • Infrastructure Intelligence MWHCreate and modify models based on known and variable data to aid in decision making
  • Apply insights derived from analytics to make better decisions
  • Provide accurate representations of assets in a virtual environments
  • Deliver evidence-based information to support or rebut assumptions
  • Promote integrated processes built on coordinated, shared and reliable information
  • Utilise appropriate technology to ensure the best outcomes

The Asia-Pacific based Infrastructure Intelligence Unit offers an extensive breadth of strategic and tactical services including:

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The Asia Pacific wide BIM team offers an extensive breadth of strategic and tactical services including: 

  • Client side technical advisory
  • Client strategic BIM implementation
  • BIM advisory (contracts)
  • Project information management
  • Model co-ordination
  • Offshore modelling services
  • Retro BIM
  • Point cloud modelling
  • Virtual asset environment
  • Virtual health and safety

Data Science and Analysis

MWH offers a team of experienced data science and data analysts who can help our clients to extract strategic and operational insights from large or dispersed data sets. Key techniques applied by our team include:

  • Simulation, prediction and optimization modelling
  • Integration of data from different disparate sources
  • Complex statistical analysis
  • Visualisation of results in an easily interpreted manner
Design Technologies

MWH offers a team of advanced design technology specialist that can provide industry leading solutions, utilising the latest technology and capability partners to deliver and manage solutions for our clients which can start from the very beginning of the project vision, and throughout the lifecycle of the project and also the asset.

This team can be sourced either through a secondment, local project support or as an off shore managed resource, providing:

  • Technical assessment and implementation of design technologies platforms
  • Design and production delivery management
  • Project information management
  • Model co-ordination
  • Archival transfer to modern platform
  • UAV and point cloud
  • Virtual design and construction collaboration
Digital Enterprise

MWH offers a number of proprietary information technology solutions to support our clients as they evolve adapt to digital enterprise. Our award-winning software tools facilitate knowledge capture, transfer and application to help MWH project teams and clients to respond to and overcome a number of environmental and infrastructure challenges.

With a focus on cost reduction and increased efficiency, MWH tools and technology provide a strong platform of success for customers across a range of markets and sectors.

This suite of hosted solutions allows utility teams to do less labor intensive and more consistent data collection using mobile devices. mTOOLS™ software allows for real time collaborative data analysis and automated data reporting to support fast, high quality business decisions. Visit our global site to learn more.

The water and wastewater modeling and management tools offered by Innovyze, a leading global
provider of water infrastructure business analytics software, are in place to ensure efficient and reliable infrastructure systems for a majority of water and wastewater utilities, government agencies and engineering organizations worldwide.

myPlant™ helps water utilities to manage energy efficiency and sustain operational cost savings through a set of apps hosted on a secured cloud platform. It is built on a strong foundation of process-engineering principles and simulation techniques to provide most accurate view of the plant operations. Visit our global site to learn more.

Spatial Science (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) operate on many levels. On the most basic level, GIS technology is used as computer cartography, that is, for straight forward mapping. The real power of GIS is through using spatial and statistical methods to analyse attribute and geographic information.

Our team can provide a wide variety of GIS services through the concept phase through to on site verification and project handover including:

  • Risk modelling
  • Data conversion, integration and interoperability
  • Multi criteria analytics
  • Predictive analysis
  • Optimised decision making
  • Area wide 3D Modelling
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Surveying and Mobile data capture
  • Urban Design/Landscape Architecture
  • Visualisation

Learn more about our GIS services from our Environmental Management Team.

Data Capture

MWH have data capture specialists who are tasked with keeping abreast of technological advancements in both conventional and advanced terrestrial data capture techniques, including: robotic data capture technology; GNSS (GPS); land-based and aerial laser scanning (including mobile laser scanning and LiDAR) and aerial photography and photogrammetry techniques. This knowledge ensures our specialists can accurately assess the needs of a project and provide innovative, cost effective and “best fit” data capture solutions.

Our data capture team can advise on the following surveying disciplines and measurement technologies:

  • Cadastral surveying
  • Geodetic surveying
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Engineering surveying
  • Remote sensing
  • GNSS (GPS)
  • LiDAR
  • High definition scanning
  • Mobile laser scanning
  • Photogrammetric techniques/solutions
  • Airborne and land base data capture solutions

For any of the Infrastructure Intelligence disciplines, MWH can also provide Advisory and Change Management services with respect to any combination of these. Our proven, knowledge-based services can assist clients to transform how they define and use their data, and to modify their current processes to maximize future benefits.

Globally we have crossed the threshold of the digital revolution which has been evolving rapidly since the turn of the millennium. Clients have identified that information, when managed, is the basis for solid knowledge and greater proactive decision making. The Information Engineering team support all sectors in response to client needs concerning data and information management from delivery to asset management. We feel that this knowledge provides more sustainable and responsible outcomes for clients in both the public and private sectors. Working as this team gives us the opportunity to step above to see and resolve issues before they arise by leveraging the latest in advanced technologies, processes and capabilities and this is truly exciting.