Infrastructure Asset & Maintenance Management

Andrew Maughan

Andrew Maughan

Principal Consultant

M: +64 27 539 3000
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Lynne Morton

Lynne Morton

Principal Engineer

T:+64 4 381 6728
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Mike Rudge

Mike Rudge

ANZ Leader of New Service Offerings

T: +679 3100619
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Infrastructure Asset and Maintanance Management MWHAchieving Optimum Efficiency through Effective Asset Management

Helping our clients know what assets they have, what condition the assets are in, how the assets are operating and where to invest their money to get the best outcomes for the users of those assets is our goal.



We help our clients by offering the following services:


 Knowing What You Have

  • Helping you know what assets you have
    • Inventory collection
    • Data management

 Understanding Condition and Performance

  • Use a range of your data and others to plan and target your investment
    • Developing tools (see our infrastructure intelligence)
    • Apply a range of optimisation tools and models
    • Condition assessment and rating
    • Real time analysis

Planning How to Manage

  • Helping you align your business systems and processes to your objectives
    • Developing financial forecasts (totex)
    • Service level gap analyses
    • Operational management tools such as online operations manuals
    • Activity and asset management frameworks and tools (Local Government Act, ISO55000, IIMM)
    • Organisational design

Managing It

  • Ensuring your asset is not being compromised
    • Ensuring the right work is delivered at the right time
    • Monitoring delivery of suppliers
    • Ensuring third parties do not cause you problems

Monitoring and Review

  • Provide your customers with the service promised
    • Drive use of smart operational tools to efficiently manage your business
    • Ensure performance aligned with strategic business requirements