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Clyde DamWorld-Class Dams and Hydropower Expertise

Since 1920, we have designed hundreds of new dams globally, producing clean reliable energy and water storage solutions for millions around the world. Our first-class reputation has been earned by delivering projects in 35 countries on six continents. Our focus is on providing sustainable solutions for our clients and the community, whether through the construction of new facilities or improving the safety and efficiencies of existing projects. Our sustainable and economic solutions minimise the impact of dam facilities on the environment and surrounding communities while providing owners with safe and reliable long-term performance.  

Our services span the life of a project guaranteeing success from planning and design to decommissioning:   Dam design – new, upgrades (all types) Site investigations Consents and approvals Water intakes, outlets and water diversion Water conveyance systems Spillways River works and structures Mining dams – water supply, tailings, brine Condition audits, dam surveillance Operation and maintenance Dam safety management and risk assessment Tendering and construction management Dam raising and strengthening Asset optimisation Cost estimating and asset valuation Peer review/technical advisor
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