Mapua Wharf Wastewater Pump Station



Building on New Zealand’s most contaminated site
Tasman District Council  |  Mapua, Tasman District





Due to predicted growth and development of the Mapua region in the Tasman district, Tasman District Council required the existing Mapua Wharf Wastewater Pump Station to be replaced. The new pump station was to be constructed within part of the former location of the Fruitgrowers’ Chemicals Company, acknowledged as the most contaminated site in New Zealand.

The project was also recognised by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, New Zealand Division (IPWEA NZ).Winner of the 2014 IPWEA NZ  Physical Works Projects $2 million to $10 million NZD award .


“MWH offered and provided exceptional service for the Council through all phases of a technically complex project with a high public profile and interest. The concerns from the public had to be taken into account and innovative solutions found for the project to succeed.
The overall success of the project can be largely attributed to the ability of MWH to provide specialist advice in many aspects of the design.”

Jeff Cuthbertson

Utilities Asset Manager, Tasman District Council

Mapua Wharf before



Project Challenge

Challenges for MWH included a pump station design which could be constructed without compromising environmental or health and safety standards. To solve this MWH created a design that reduced the amount of excavation and de-watering.

The available construction area was also restricted as the site was part of a proposed waterfront park development for the local community. This required MWH to ensure the design of the finished asset was aesthetically acceptable.

The pump station would also be close to the Mapua Wharf, a popular tourist area so special consideration was required for odour management. Other design challenges included surge pressures of the associated pipelines.





Project Solution / Result

As the history of the site was well publicised, the project was an emotive issue for the local community. MWH and the Council engaged in a rigorous consultation process to agree the final location for the pump station.

To overcome these unique issues MWH developed an innovative design bound by challenging constraints which still provided a cost effective and long term solution for Tasman District Council. In addition, the design reduced the environmental and health and safety risks whilst also ensuring the needs of the community were met.


Alewife Reservation Stormwater Wetland


Mapua Predicted Population Growth by 2035

Pump Station Capacity

Rising Main (k.m)

Complaints from the public since commissioning on 31 July 2013


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