Clive Bridge Cycleway


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Through close collaboration with our client and partners on the project, our team helped to redesign Clive Bridge which was seen as a barrier to walking and cycling in the area.  The result is an innovative and sustainable solution which encourages active modes of transport and recreational benefits for the local community.



Project Scope

The bridge is an integral part of the wider cycle network but also provides a key link for the community between Clive township to the south and the local parks and swimming baths to the north. Due to the narrow cycle lanes afforded and the high volume of heavy traffic cyclists often used the footpath to cross the bridge. In addition, the path was of poor quality and the bridge was generally viewed as a barrier to walking and cycling in this area.

A number of design solutions were considered for the route and extensive consultation was undertaken with the local community, via the Clive Community Group. The community felt that a path separated from vehicular traffic and wide enough to accommodate two-way cycle flows was needed.

The final solution included the provision of a 3m wide shared path separated from traffic by a cycle safe rail. The rails adopted are of a high urban design standard and include integral LED lighting creating a unique ambiance along the path.

Million Plastic Carrier Bags Diverted From The Landfill

Vehicles per day on Clive Bridge


Annual Growth in Walking and Cycling since 2010

Estimated Cost to Benefit ratio


Project Challenge

The impetus for the project was to to help reverse declining rates of cycling and walking in Hawkes Bay, however its positive environmental impact and potential benefit quickly became the focus of the project stakeholders and the engineering team. There was also a desire from the client to limit the loading of the bridge as there was a lack of in-depth knowledge around the structural integrity of the bridge and supporting structures.




Clive Bridge Cycleway
Clive Bridge Cycleway


Project Solution / Result

The value of the Clive Bridge Cycleway is felt by the Hawkes Bay community. Public health benefits through increased rates of exercise. Health and safety along the route has significantly improved with the addition of LED lighting and safety rails along the pathway. Additionally from a sustainability standpoint, the adoption of soft plastics for the pathway diverted over 4.2 million plastic carrier bags away from the landfill.





View the video below to see Tony Mills, Traffic Engineer for Hastings District Council discuss the project:


I would like to pass on the gratitude of the Clive Community Group for the fantastic efforts of all involved and for bringing the project to fruition.  This will be an excellent asset for Clive and I believe will enhance bridge user safety and promote the walk/cycle ways around the area.”

Andrew Clibborn

Chairperson, Clive Community Group


“The unique design solution adopted was not without challenge due to the untested nature of the material. MWH showed real leadership and technical expertise to drive this project forward and deliver a world class solution for the local community and wider Hawkes Bay region.”


Tony Mills

Traffic Engineer, Hastings District Council

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