David Bell

David Bell

General Manager, Transportation - Australia and New Zealand

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Transportation MWHSafely Transporting the World on Foot, Rail or Wheel

We are regarded as leaders in New Zealand’s transportation sector for good reason. For more than 30 years we have been at the forefront of transportation planning, strategy development, engineering design, construction monitoring and managing both state highway and local road networks.

More recently we have applied those decades of experience to Fiji where we are helping the people of Fiji transform their roads, bridges and jetties to a standard sufficient to allow the country’s economy to grow.

We are a dedicated team of engineering professionals who can partner in any delivery environment from Design & Construct to traditional procurement and on any transportation project.  We are experts in road safety, network maintenance, walking and cycling, and multi-modal transportation solutions.

MWH has offices right across the country – we understand your people, assets and stakeholders, but can also bring world-leading approaches and fully-integrated or technology-based solutions when you need them. Because we are relationship and value-focused, you can be confident we will deliver the right result first time.


Examples of how MWH is meeting client needs and leading the way in the Transportation industry include:

  • The development of internationally recognised road safety tools, research and guidance, including KiwiRAP and KAT and the High Risk Rural Roads Guide, both of which help road asset managers better target investment to improve safety on New Zealand roads.
  • Over 15 years’ experience managing road maintenance contracts across more than 15,000km of state highways and local roads in New Zealand.
  • After years of flooding, Queensland authorities asked MWH to help reconnect the region’s damaged road system. The program that MWH participated in was called TNRP, or Transport Network Reconstruction Program. In addition to the road repair for citizens, an immediate challenge was to make sure that the coal industry in the area could be restarted again.
  • The MWH developed Economic Network Plan was developed to facilitate network investment decisions, enable solutions that are efficient, affordable, safe, sustain economic activity and meet social needs for current and future generations. Learn how Southland District Council has used the MWH Economic Network Plan to prioritise network upgrades by watching the below video.

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