New Zealand Foreign Minister Visits Samoan Hydropower Projects

Fuluasou - SignMinister McCully, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, is travelling throughout Samoa this week as he visits multiple renewable energy sites. His stops will include the groundbreaking ceremony for the Fuluasou hydropower project and a tour of three hydropower schemes which are currently being rehabilitated. The projects, funded by a grant from the Asian Development Bank, the European Union, and the government of New Zealand are part of a program of works which also include the construction of up to three new hydropower projects throughout Samoa.

MWH, now part of Stantec, is currently serving as Owner’s Engineer for the Electric Power Corporation of Samoa for all the hydropower projects and is providing technical, financial and procurement support to the electricity authority, as well as, site supervision services.

The island nation of Samoa is investing heavily in renewable energy solutions in a goal to decrease their dependence on fossil fuel imports. The investment in developing and improving the operation and asset management of their existing hydropower fleet will move them closer to energy independence. The island nation also understands the vital need for clean energy as they are at the forefront of the effects of rising sea levels due to consequences of climate change.