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MWH Cornwall Park, Auckland, New ZealandOne Global Community, Many Local New Zealand Experts, 24 Hours a Day

Since our founding in 1820, we have engaged in the engineering, construction, and management of some of the largest and most technically advanced water, hydropower, mining and transportation projects for councils, governments and multi-national private corporations throughout the world.

Our highly experienced team of approximately 7,000 employees operates on six continents and provides innovative, sustainable solutions to some of the most challenging projects in communities around the world. We are, and will remain, a dominant global player because we are focused from top to bottom – without distraction – in the sectors we service, from water infrastructure and transportation infrastructure to construction engineering, mining and planning and environmental services.

We have gone to great lengths over the course of our growth to achieve the gold standard of the water and natural resources sectors. Engineering and construction are only part of what we do as a leading global company. We are also leaders, managers, consultants, policy and project advocates, information technology wizards, economists, statisticians, public relations professionals and financial experts. Our clients have many challenges, but we are ready for the task. We are proud to be the global go-to provider of infrastructure planning, design, construction and management services projects.

Every hour of every day we utilise our management expertise and next generation software tools with utilities and industries of all sizes by sharing lessons learned and best practices from our projects around the world in more than 35 countries educating our clients on how to organise, plan, design and manage their assets more efficiently than ever before.


Our History in New Zealand

Our understanding of New Zealand market comes from over a century’s worth experience.

Edward Roberts and Frederick Joesph Williams crossed the Tasman Sea before the turn of the 19th century and settled in Dunedin, New Zealand. While their individual stories may be different, and their climb through the career ladder dissimilar. What they did have in common was their skill, energy, and ambition. Those traits would come to be commonplace in the many followers of their footsteps and stand as part of their legacy to this day.

MWH, now a part of Stantec, has a rich history in New Zealand, from our earliest founding by Edward Roberts in Dunedin during the Otago gold rush of the late 1800s to our time as the Royds Garden Ltd  then the Royds Consulting Ltd during the 1980s to our merger to become Montgomery Watson in 1995 to the now present day MWH Global. Our track record in New Zealand speaks for itself with a multitude of iconic projects delivered over the course of a more than a century.

While MWH has been in New Zealand for over a hundred years our technology and industry have changed dramatically, but our commitment to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions has never wavered.

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